Make part of your visit to Amelia Island a plan to take a paddling tour
in a kayak and enjoy the real Florida up close and personal!


You and your family can enjoy a peaceful paddle in the water ways surrounding Amelia Island where there’s a good chance you’ll be seeing egrets, herons, osprey, rosette Spoonbills and other birdlife.An easy paddle on the water takes you close to dolphin or manatee and on some tours there’s always a chance of an encounter with the wild horses on Cumberland Island.

Off-island trips take you up the blackwater creeks into the swamps with cypress trees, low hanging moss, and lily pads where you’ll find turtles, alligators, and more!Most all trips are planned with the tides in mind so that you have a paddle that’s good for young and old alike.

Please choose one of our guides that best suits the experience you’re looking for. Give them a call or email them to ask for further information or availability.

Sun sparkling on water as two people kayak river at Amelia Island

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