Six Good Reasons to Fish Amelia Island in the Fall

1) The Weather is Nicer!

Who wants to fish in the summer heat or the winter cold? Sometimes we do, but if we had our choice it’d be fishing the mild days of spring and fall. Summertime trips start early to try and beat the heat. Even if you have just booked a half a day, by 10am it’s hot! Booka fishing trip at Amelia Island this fall and enjoy mild temperatures and a great day of fishing.

2) It’s Less Crowded on the Water!

Most guides and charter boat captains have a plan in their heads about where they’re going to fish depending on what the tides are for the day. Imagine making your first run to a spot, coming around the corner and there’s three boats sitting on the spot you had intended to fish! The captain has to make a quick change of plans. Most of us have other spots we can go to, but our first choice was just taken! Fish Amelia Island in the fall and there are less anglers out on the water taking up those prime spots!

3) Less “Baitstealers”, Better Fish!

During the summer months everything is biting, but that includes pinfish, perch, croaker, bonnethead shark, stingrays, etc. You’ll get some quality fish like Redfish, Seatrout and Flounder, but you have to work through all of the “baitstealers”. When the water temperature cools there are less trash fish to deal with and better overall fishing.

4) The Captain is Less Grumpy!

Can you imagine a captain’s attitude who has fished 25-30 trips in the hot months of July? He’s going on very little sleep and each day is a blur. There’s a very good chance his patience level is down a bit. During the prime fall fishing months there are less visitors to the island, less trips, and the Captain is in a lot better mood and eager to fish.

5) The Captain is More Flexible!

When a captain has 25-30 trips a month and is turning away 5 or so trips a week, there’s not a whole lot of room to be flexible. He’s booked and there’s no window to work around your schedule. But in the Fall, he’s not fishing every day and may be flexible in his schedule to accommodate your time. You’ll find that he is more than happy to be flexible to get your trip booked.

6) Hotels and Resorts may have Better Rates.

The Spring Break and Summer tourist seasons have come and gone. If you keep your eye open, you may find better rates from the Amelia Island hotels and resorts.

And a Bonus Reason:

It’s oyster roasting season! When the first cold spells hit you know it’s time to fire up a fire pit and roast some oysters! Break out the hot sauce, salteen crackers and the beverage of your choice and enjoy a great afternoon of standing around a fire and roasting oysters.

Post courtesy of Capt. Lawrence Piper, The Angler’s Mark

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